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A Homeowner’s Guide to Keeping Mice and Rodents Away

A Homeowner’s Guide to Keeping Mice and Rodents Away

Rats and other rodents infesting your home can be hazardous for your family. Your family can contract many diseases from mice and rats. At the same time, they can cause damage to your house inside and out.

With this, we encourage you to be more proactive in keeping these pests away. As a provider of residential and commercial pest control, we give you few tips on how to keep rats and mice away from your home:

  • Seal Up Your House
    Close up all the holes along your house’s exterior by purchasing rodent-proofing materials from your local hardware store. We encourage you to pay particular attention to your windows, doors, and vents. These are particular areas of your house wherein rats or mice can get in.
  • Remove Outdoor Food Sources
    If you have fruit trees, regularly clean them out as fruits can attract rodents. Also, keep the tree pruned to prevent hiding spots for rodents. We suggest growing mint plants around your garden to keep them away.
  • Eliminate Current Rodent Occupants in Your Home
    If you still have rodents in your home, they could multiply if you don’t eliminate them first. Ways to remove them involve baiting and trapping. You can place traps or bait along common pathways you see them pass through.

Do you need help in eliminating pests in your home? Do you need pest control treatments to keep them at bay?

Let our professionals in MIB Pest Control help you. We provide pest control services in Seabrook, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and pest-free.

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