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Rodent Control In Seabrook, TX

Expert Rodent Control For Your Seabrook, TX Home

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are common pests that many homeowners in Seabrook, Texas, face. Their tapered snouts and relatively small size make it easy for them to enter your home bringing bacteria and diseases in with them. Rodents play a part in the spread of over 35 diseases through contact with live rodents, dead rodents, waste, saliva, and bites, as well as infected fleas or ticks that may hitch a ride in too. The bottom line is that you don’t want rodents in your home, and the Men In Black Pest Control team will keep them out for you.

Our Rodent Control Process

Rodents seem designed in a way that enables them to get anywhere they want to go. They are small enough to fit into holes as small as a nickel, their tapered head makes it easy for them to slip through those small holes, their teeth are sharp and never stop growing, so they have to wear them down by gnawing, and they are quite intelligent. They haven’t outsmarted us, though. We have developed a comprehensive treatment plan designed to tackle any rodent problem you may be dealing with. This treatment plan includes a follow-up schedule and a 30-day warranty to ensure your home has full protection against rodent invaders.


During the initial visit, our technician will conduct a thorough examination of the property to look for signs of rodent activity like droppings or chew marks and noting possible entry points. Entry points can include unsealed holes or cracks in the foundation and areas where utility services enter the house. The information gathered will be used to develop a treatment plan for your home.


Once we complete the inspection, our technician will thoughtfully develop a treatment plan suited to the needs of your property, which may include the strategic placement of appropriate traps to eliminate problem rodents.


Our rodent services include three follow-up visits in addition to the initial service. We will monitor the rodent activity and make adjustments as necessary to fully eradicate the problem from your home.

Start Protecting Your Seabrook, TX Property From Rodents

Rodents are disease-infested creatures that do not belong in your house uninvited. Their prolific nature enables a small rodent problem to quickly become a much larger infestation. Rodent infestations are challenging and unsafe to eradicate on your own without the proper tools and knowledge. Fortunately, you can count on the experts at Men In Black Pest Control to safely and efficiently handle all of your rodent control needs.

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