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La Porte, TX Pest Control

Dependable Pest Solutions For La Porte, TX Home & Business Owners

Here in La Porte, TX, moisture and humidity are a part of life. This makes La Porte an ideal environment in which pests can thrive. As such, local homes and businesses are at constant risk of infestations. Once pests get inside a property, they can cause costly damage and spread harmful contaminants. Therefore, if you are a local home or business owner, you need effective pest solutions if you want to keep your property safe from these unwanted invaders. 

Here at Men in Black Pest Control, we offer residential and commercial pest services that La Porte property owners can depend on to keep pests away from their homes and businesses. Continue reading to learn more about our service offerings, or give us a call now to schedule an initial service for your property. 

Residential Pest Control In La Porte, TX

No homeowner ever wants to find invasive pests infesting their house. After all, pests can be both dangerous and destructive. To keep pests away from your La Porte home, you need effective pest solutions from Men in Black Pest Control. 

Our process begins with an in-depth discussion with you so that we can get a better understanding of what you’ve been experiencing. We then perform an extensive inspection of the property, inside and out, to determine problem areas, entry points, and conducive conditions. 

Using this information, we develop a pest management plan specific to your property’s needs. Interior treatments include the use of liquid products on pest pressures. We also use liquid products for exterior treatments in conjunction with granular products and de-nesting the façade. 

Our residential pest control services include quarterly follow-up visits to ensure your home is pest-free all year long. Contact us today to get started with effective residential pest control for your La Porte home. 

Commercial Pest Control In La Porte, TX

No two businesses and no two infestations are the same. That’s why we customize our commercial pest control services to meet the specific needs of the property we are servicing. We achieve this by starting with a thorough inspection of the property. We then develop a pest control plan to meet the specific needs. 

Treatments vary depending on your current pest situation. However, all treatments are designed to eliminate existing pests and prevent future infestations. We then follow up with you once a month to ensure all treatments are working effectively. 

If you are a business owner here in La Porte, TX, you can’t afford to operate without professional pest protection from Men in Black Pest Control. Give us a call today to learn more. 

Why La Porte Homeowners Should Consider Rodent Control

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are common home-invading pests in La Porte, TX. They sneak into homes where they can inflict damage, spread disease, and even introduce other pests onto the premises. Therefore, it is important to do what you can to keep them out. This includes:

  • Practice proper food storage and keep counters and floors clean and free of debris. 
  • Store trash in bins with tight lids and take out the trash regularly. 
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Seal exterior openings around vents and pipes. 

Most importantly, partner with Men in Black Pest Control for effective rodent solutions that you can count on to keep your La Porte home rodent-free. Give us a call today to learn more about our rodent control services. 

How To Keep Dangerous Stinging Insects Away From Your La Porte Yard

Stinging insects, like bees, wasps, and hornets, are all quite beneficial to the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous, especially for those with allergies, the elderly, and small children. This means it’s important to do what you can to limit their presence around your La Porte yard. To do so, you need to:

  • Fill in holes in the ground where they can build nests. 
  • Do not overwater your lawn. 
  • Keep your lawn cut short and trim back vegetation. 
  • Avoid planting flowers and other plants that attract stinging insects. 
  • Store outdoor trash in bins with tight lids. 
  • Keep outdoor dining areas free of food debris. 

Contact the pros here at Men in Black Pest Control for more stinging insect control tips. And ask about our stinging insect control solutions, the most effective way to limit these unwanted pests around your La Porte yard.