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Kemah, TX Pest Control

Dependable Pest Control Services For Your Kemah, Texas Property

Known as Houston's favorite "bayground," the city of Kemah, TX scenically overlooks Galveston Bay and is a popular destination for avid boaters, fishermen, and shoppers alike. Located just 24 miles northwest of Galveston, Kemah gets its fair share of visitors, and that includes pests. All year long, local homes and businesses are in danger of experiencing pest infestations, and it's important to secure proper pest protection. That's where we come in.

Men In Black Pest Control is a veteran- and family-owned and operated pest control company proud to service homes and businesses throughout Galveston County and the surrounding areas. Since 2010, our goal has been to provide quality pest control with a high degree of customer service and convenience. We deal with a variety of common area species, such as cockroaches, rodents, ants, bed bugs, spiders, stinging insects, crickets, and earwigs. Reach out to us today to get started; we look forward to assisting you.

Home Pest Control In Kemah, TX

You and your loved ones rely on the security of your Kemah home to protect you from harm, so what happens when pests enter the picture. These invaders pose a real threat to your home and everyone inside of it, and that's why it's important to secure professional pest protection. Our residential pest solutions provide year-round coverage from household pests.

Our process entails the following:


  • Checking issues brought up by customer
  • Looking for excessive rodent activity
  • Finding cracks and crevices, entry points, and conducive conditions

Initial Services

  • Indoor and outdoor treatments
  • Interior liquid treatment
  • Exterior liquid/granular treatment
  • Knock down services (such as webs)
  • Rodent treatments as needed

Ongoing Services 

  • Quarterly follow-up services

Our qualified and trained pest professionals bring local homeowners effective pest services and quality extermination. We regulate pests so that your home and your loved ones remain fully covered and protected from infestations throughout the year. We also provide emergency and same-day services because being there for you when you need us is our top priority. Call us today to discuss your home pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Kemah, TX

It's an unpleasant reality to come to terms with, but your Kemah business is at risk of experiencing a pest infestation, and you must prepare. The most effective way to guard your facility against the detriments of a pest infestation is to rely on a team of seasoned pest professionals. The team at MIB Pest provides extensive commercial pest control services that you can count on.

We've serviced a variety of commercial facilities, including office buildings, retail stores, and warehouses. Our services are completely customized to meet the needs of your business and your pest problem. We also come back monthly to maintain pest-free conditions throughout your business moving forward. Call us today for dependable commercial pest control services that the community can feel good about.

Four Reasons German Cockroaches In Kemah Are Hard To Control

German cockroaches are a rather resilient species, and they can be extremely hard to get rid of for several reasons. Here are four reasons why German cockroaches are hard to control here in Kemah:

  1. As the smallest of all cockroach species, German roaches are hard to spot and detect.
  2. They fit into tiny cracks and crevices and prefer remote areas that aren't easily accessible.
  3. They reproduce rapidly; one female can lay anywhere from eighteen to fifty eggs at a time. 
  4. Eggs take less than two months to hatch and fully evolve into breeding adult cockroaches.

The best source of protection against German cockroach activity is to reach out to your local pest professionals. The team at MIB Pest is ready to detect, exterminate, and prevent cockroach activity around your Kemah home or business. We won't stop until we completely eliminate the problem. Call today to learn more.

Kemah's Helpful Guide To Rodent Control

Rodents aren't a welcome sight in any Kemah home or business. These unsanitary pests contaminate surfaces and transmit diseases, posing a real health threat to you and everyone else on your property. In order to prevent a rodent infestation from occurring, there are some ways you can be proactive. Here are some helpful tips for controlling rodents around your property:

  • Seal entry points and block off cracks and crevices around your house. 
  • Keep living areas clean, eliminate clutter, and store trash in a metal container with a tight lid.
  • Store food and belongings in gnaw-proof containers.
  • Keep woodpiles and tree trimmings away from your home and garage.

While being proactive in your prevention efforts can certainly help, rodents can be sneaky, and once they get in, they can be very hard to get rid of. Contact Men In Black Pest Control today to discuss your rodent control and prevention needs. We're here to bring you the lasting pest protection you've been looking for.