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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Cockroaches In Seabrook Homes

November 16, 2021

Cockroaches are among the hardest home invaders to get rid of, thanks to their hard-to-kill nature and skillful hiding. The trick to removing cockroaches from your home involves proactive prevention and professional assistance.

Identifying Area Cockroaches

There are several common cockroaches that you may come across in the Seabrook area. These include the American cockroach (reddish-brown), the oriental cockroach (large and dark brown), and the German cockroach (brown with black stripes and smaller). All of these cockroaches are formidable and able to survive up to a month without food. They can also live up to a week without a head and are experts at surviving in extreme temperatures.

While most individuals recognize that cockroaches are gross and refrain from interacting with them, many don’t understand exactly how dangerous cockroaches can be. These insects typically congregate around dumpsters, sewers, basements, and areas with food waste. They pick up pathogens and bacteria and then track them into your home, possibly spreading diseases like cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, giardia, listeriosis, and salmonellosis. As these pests enter your food storage area or other parts of your home and leave droppings or bacteria, you have an increased risk of getting sick.

It is difficult to eliminate an entire cockroach infestation on your own due to the way these insects infiltrate your home. They often hide in hard-to-reach areas, and most cockroach species are immune to over-the-counter products you may use to fight them. Your best option is to contact our professionals at Men In Black Pest Control for total cockroach elimination. They will be able to find the reason you have cockroaches in your house and provide targeted solutions so you can once again live pest-free.

How To Keep Cockroaches Away

If you wonder how to keep cockroaches away from your home, you can follow some prevention tips. Keep in mind that the reason you have cockroaches is often related to open entry points and food you've left out or open access to the trash in your house – removal is necessary to prevent these pests from invading.

  • Identify and seal up any potential entry points around your home. Major cockroach entryways include gaps and cracks in doors, windows, and your foundation. You may also want to seal up the areas around pipes or utilities that lead into your home.
  • Proper food and trash storage are essential in keeping roaches out of your house. Make sure to seal up waste tightly and dispose of it in trash cans with sealed lids. You should also refrain from leaving out leftover food and dirty dishes and quickly clean up liquid spills, as these are major cockroach attractants.
  • Declutter your house often and make sure to throw out stashes of cardboard boxes or plastic and paper bags, as cockroaches love to nest their homes in these areas.
  • Address moisture issues both inside and outside your home as pools of water are a major factor in attracting roaches, especially oriental cockroaches. Also, keep gutters and drainage areas clear to prevent water from pooling around your property.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and organic materials like fallen fruit that may rot and attract cockroaches. In addition, keep the grass trimmed low to deter cockroaches from hiding out around your property.