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The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Seabrook Home

July 15, 2021

People in Seabrook are no strangers to cockroaches. They're nasty home invaders that cause multiple problems for homeowners. In addition to being a constant annoyance, cockroaches in Seabrook are also dangerous. Find out more about what those dangers are and take measures to keep your household safe.

Types Of Roaches In Seabrook

Throughout all of Texas, you can find multiple types of cockroaches. One common invader is the American cockroach. Typically dark red or brown, American roaches are identifiable by the light yellow around their exoskeleton. They grow to be about two or three inches long and have wings.

Another local roach is the German cockroach. Much smaller than American roaches, these insects are light brown and have two dark lines on their backs. Although they have wings, German cockroaches don't fly.

The oriental cockroach is also found in the area. At times, it's referred to as the water bug or black beetle. Those names come from its habits and appearance - oriental roaches prefer moist environments and are dark brown or black.

Are Roaches Actually Dangerous?

When you think of words that describe cockroaches in Seabrook, what comes to mind? You might think of the words "gross", "dirty", or any similar verbiage. But you're actually missing the most accurate word of all - dangerous. When you have cockroaches around, you and everyone in your home should worry. Cockroaches are highly dangerous insects.

Cockroaches are known for spreading serious diseases. So, while it's true that cockroaches like filth and make your home feel dirty, the real issue with roaches is their ability to make you sick. When they walk on your surfaces or crawl into your food, roaches spread bacteria and pathogens. People of all ages are vulnerable to diseases spread by cockroaches.

There's no amount of cleanliness that can save you from cockroaches. Although cockroaches prefer to live in filth, they can survive on tiny crumbs. No matter how tidy you keep your property, cockroaches could survive and threaten you.

Other Issues With Cockroaches

Another serious problem with roaches is their ability to trigger allergy symptoms. Just as dust and dander can kick start your allergies, a protein in cockroach skin can have the same effect. They may even trigger asthma and make it difficult for you to breathe.

As a cockroach infestation worsens, the danger only increases. You're more likely to become sick, your allergies will worsen, and your asthma could become unbearable.  If the issues don't impact you, they're bound to affect someone else in your home.

What To Do About Cockroaches

To make sure cockroaches don't invade, you should do your best to prevent them. However, this is easier said than done. You could follow a long list of preventative measures and still end up with these Seabrook pests in your home. It's nearly impossible to seal up your home or make sure there are no crumbs around.

Therefore, you should always be ready to deal with an infestation. And that doesn't mean you should have a cockroach spray on hand. As resilient creatures, roaches don't disappear without a fight. It takes a professional to handle your cockroach problem.

Handling a cockroach infestation on your own could be dangerous. Before you have cockroaches in your home, find an expert you can trust. As soon as you spot signs of roaches, call in a professional and have them evict your intruders. Here at Men In Black Pest Control, we have years of experience with cockroach infestations. Our fast response time lets us get to you quickly and treat the problem immediately. To find out more about our cockroach elimination or residential pest control services, call us now.