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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Seabrook Property

September 17, 2021

To conquer insects and creatures around your Seabrook home or business, you have to figure out how they are able to get indoors. Then, you’ll have to discern what’s drawing them in. While it seems like these questions will be simple to answer, they won’t be. Pests often settle in spaces that are difficult to access, so you won’t be able to readily ascertain their patterns. Ants can be really hard to beat.

Ants are a threat to your health. Since they have immeasurable quantities of germs on their skin, they can taint food and surfaces. Consequently, you or someone else may become sick. Specific species bring additional problems. Learn more about local groups and how you can manage them with Men In Black Pest Control.

What Ants Are Common In Seabrook & What Are The Dangers?

Carpenter, acrobat and odorous house ants are dominant in the area. Carpenter ants are usually black in color. Many are reddish-black, brown, yellow, orange, tan, or red though. At 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long, they are larger than most. They will ruin wood by forging tunnels and nests in it. For domiciles and establishments, foundations will be attacked. In natural settings, logs and trees are targeted. If you have walls that sound hollow or you see piles of wood shavings, there’s an infestation.

The brown bodies of acrobat ants are 0.21 of an inch long. You might come across their nests in dead or rotting wood. Cocoons are often in roofing, insulation, and siding as well. Hanging tree branches and openings in foundations or utilities will give these bugs entry to your dwelling. Your spot is more likely to be invaded by acrobat ants if you’ve had previous plumbing defects or issues with wood-eating insects. These moisture-loving critters procreate with speed.

Odorous house ants are brown or black. They’re a little smaller than their acrobat relatives, being 0.12 of an inch long. These insects are profuse in buildings because of the continual food, water, and warmth. With this in mind, you’ll find them crawling in your pipes, heaters, rugs, and paneling. Voids in walls and floors will be infiltrated too. Mashing them will lead to the release of a spoiled coconut scent. If you’re bitten, mild pain will arise. An infestation is underway if you see any odorous house ants.

How Can Seabrook Ants Be Prevented?

One of the many reasons ants are challenging is that their colonies are massive and the nests are a headache to get to. Don’t bother with commercial products or “do it yourself” methods. Infestations won’t be wiped out with these options. Only single bugs will die. Another thing to consider is the potent toxicity.

Take these steps instead:

  • Close up gaps in utility lines, screens and windows, doors, and foundations. Ants can crawl through cracks.
  • Attach sweeps on all exterior doors.  
  • Promptly repair leaks and moisture faults; start with those affecting wood. 
  • Put food and garbage in airtight containers. Don’t exclude pet food. 
  • Immediately tend to food spills and messes.  
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen regularly. Wash dishes, countertops, and pantries.
  • Remove trash and vacuum carpeting. 
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery on a routine basis. 
  • Place plants and flowers away from the property by at least two feet. 
  • Get rid of organic debris. 

What Can Men In Black Pest Control Do About Seabrook Ants?

Given all of the information presented, it is evident that professional pest control is the way to go with ant elimination. You can save yourself the effort, time, and money by reaching out to us at Men In Black Pest Control. Our expert technicians will address susceptibilities with industrial-grade treatments and tools that are safe. Call us today for pest control in Seabrook!